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Room 1  
Welcome to Gallery Room 1
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Otter in autumn waves

Waves of colour

Autumn magic

Otters in sapphire emerald and gold water

Waves and swirls

Reflection of autumn harvest

Relax slow down

Otters in harmony

Making waves together

Otter making waves

Otter under water

Mother and son

Rhapsody in blue and gold

Otters on a sinking branch

Relax slow down

Otters in spring and jewelled water

Into the deep blue water



Under the water to play relax at the end of the day

Otter heading out

Otters in sapphire and gold water

In harmony with the water

Upward splash backward flip

Otter dive dive dive

Jumping up looking out


prints in tubes

Branching out otter on branch

Otter in sapphire blue reflection

Otter in motion moving and blending

Dinner for one

Otter coming to a pond near you

Otter travelling through autumn coloured water

Up and under

Otter on the river

otter traveling up river

Moving onward

Moving upward

Looking at me looking at you

Otter on a mission

Otters in shallow water